Hi God,

I have a question. What does it take to talk to Jesus. All the time all those who can’t hear your voice ask me this. – Why don’t I hear like you do and where is God, is he not liking me as I can’t hear like you etc. All the time God! I can’t think of anything to say, can you please help me out here.!

Gods answers trough Hirado’s hands here..

Hi H.M.

Are you sure you are hearing from Me? Or are you just pretending to hear and write these up on your own accord? I am. I am everywhere and everywhere means just that. EVERYWHERE. Even in your mind.

There is a chance that you are making this up Hirado right?

  • Yes, of-course, it can be that I am making all this up, obviously it is a greatest chance of them all right! I am actually never claiming that I am NOT making this up at all. But, for interests sake, let’s keep at it.

OK Hirado, now when we have that cleared out of the way, let’s speak about Jesus and how to speak to him – instead of Me-God.                     .Jesus is my son and – ehem… a like minded created item of Me. I am it – you see. I created you and Him as well AND I create all the time, even as we speak here I created  a million living things right this second, but you see Jesus, Jeshua is his original name is Christos. He IS the reconciliator and he IS the one that asks you to join Him together without anything nor anybody else. Will you join Him – or not. That is the real reason people fail here on earth. He isn’t wasting time on those who won’t and if you decide that you do, then you are hearing from Him for sure.

Amen and join Love ok!

Hirado- ehem..God speaks trough her Hands here hehehe…




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