I am wondering if health means a lot to you God? Why is health so much on the news and on our minds. Why aren’t we healthy as default, why is everyone taking so much time to talk and take care of their health nowadays God? I wan’t to be healthy but not always to think and ‘work’ at it. Always..

Hi Hirado,

A very acute topic indeed. Health. Where is it coming from, why don’t we get it ‘free’ or at least as a default programmed in our psyche or our bodies…mmm

I think it’s all your fault. I think You have started all this health topic as a do it yourself type of deal. I didn’t. I never said, go work out and be healthy. Where is your axe? Go chop wood… or take a walk along the beach, don’t ask others to walk your healthy pets along the shore, and don’t take any yard-people to work on your houses. If you had anything at all that work may become easier by the way if you do it, you would actually be wealthy, and also healthier. We use services to work sitting on an office chair all day – to pay for these. There is one health buster right there. The other one is that we don’t work out, we work to look beautiful. IF you don’t concentrate on abs, but on health. What do you do?


Absolutely asap or even the likeable dance you like, but never a workout regime that is gruesome. I don’t like the torment of health. I love a fine line between enjoyment and working for healing, like in riding. You heal as you ride a horse and horses aren’t health freaks are they, they run as they enjoy it and together you are foolishly jumping fences while at it (don’t) but anyway…be happy?

Joy is key and also living larger than life. That is your health care challenge right there. Go for it.


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