Gods Grace..

I’d love to learn about grace, what is it exactly?



Hi Mia,

I’d love to teach you about this. I am ever forgiving. I am ever so happy to help, and I am always available. IF you ever loved somebody (for real), you are the same. If you ever needed somebody to fulfill a void inside, you aren’t this type of person. IF I have all the Love that exists, I have no needs to love you in a needy fashion, but if I have nests of emptiness, and voids of IT, the Love that is, then I need you to fulfill my instructions and my want’s to be happy, and still – I may be only satisfied for a few days.

Wan’t to learn something? (yes, she nods eagerly)

There is only one kind of Love around. The else, is counterfeit. IF you love somebody for real, you aren’t even thinking of revenge, nor satisfaction via loveless deeds, such as thinking about expelling them from … anywhere. IF you love somebody, you allow. That is the rule of the universe #3. (We get to #1 and #2 soon).

You have to learn how to love your son Mia Haavisto. You have never loved him as you have loved yourself. You love only you at now, and that means, ever forgiving, ever so “Grace-filled” and allowing, but your son, he receives the stick, right?

“ya..I guess…”

Well, we need to correct this asap. Think again before you mail anybody anything about you nor your son, don’t. Mail only positive optimistic things, like “I trust he’s doing ok, or he is only thinking about what he want’s and also wherever is Love, there he is, etc.” and you’ll see what happens next.



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