Gods favouritism and all that sort of stuff

Hi God, I had Christine ask me if God prefers some people, when they seem to have all the luck, how is it God, do you?


Now were talking, you of all people should know this…ahem..

as you are interested in behalf of others, I’ll say no – and yes. I do favour others and then again don’t. This is the final answer. But, if YOU wan’t to favour ME, then I favour You! See! I work in fairness, and in healing modalities too…

Sometimes we work in tandem. You favour Me, and I favour You ok! But, at times, we’re a bit less in-tuned. You favour me and it SEEMS that you have a lot to do and all things go wrong all the time… hmm, what’s up then?? You may ask yourself. I’ll tell you what’s up. You can’t listen to what I have to say to you. You are rushing, and all it takes is a few moments each day to listen (and to take notes if you have to) and live accordingly (and to read my works). But, we all know how you get with those tasks to do and accomplish, no time for old God in Heaven, he’s just talking…right?

– ok, I agree. I take a few blows here and there for not listening, nor talking to you seriously, just blogging and forgetting about the results etc. hmm.. what do you suggest for in-tunement

PRAY, always! PRAY ’till the cows come home, and after even, and don’t think you don’t have to cause I’m here ; ) – Mia, seriously, are you taking notes or ..?

– I am, I am, I do take notes, I just don’t read them always, I forget, I get distracted!!!

That’s the devil. He’d like to derail you – watch out for these signs…

a) don’t get things over with (it’s “stuck-ness” – that’s bad and all things end without any effort but not the way you’d like them to if you don’t watch out

b) if you don’t receive what you need – you possibly haven’t talked to Me and said Thanks! and..

c) if you aren’t in matrimony, and wanted to be – say to yourself, am I talking to the wrong person? And will I think like a fish, or like a mammal. If like a fish, well you know what the saying is there…and if like a mammal, you’d think by now you’d find somebody, IF you’d tried truly right?

Mia, I’m serious – sometimes it’s ‘up to you’ stuff too, but hey, who’s blaming Me! Not you! And if you aren’t taking any precautions, like prayer, do not say this – “I didn’t know” OK!

Thanks for asking,



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