Evil, the nature of*…

Hi God, it’s Mia… I’m just wondering if u could tell me something…I am hoping Judas got to heaven, and felt it was “unfair” for him to be pre-selected by u to kill ehem … betray ur son Jesus??? How is that FAIR? I mean… I can’t see how that can be a fair deal for him?

GOD: Hi Mia,

Good question! Once in a while u shoot good ones (instead all about you and yours! ; ) )

Ehem is right by the way, betraying someone can kill, so u know… and so we go on to this theme here. How can somebody have a fair chance IF God already chose Him (his son here) or somebody else to betray somebody else etc.? Well, let me re-cap. Judas was Satan (in disguise obviously!) and he has a chance. He CAN submit to the Lord Jesus, but he doesn’t, and I KNOW IT IN ADVANCE, as it’s his “deal”. He can’t. He already left me for good. So, we USE him to our work on earth. See, IF Satan wouldn’t have betrayed Jesus to the authorities, we couldn’t have proceeded. Now Judas died a grisly death (his guts spilled out on a field etc. bad ending – yuck + !) so he got his deal right there, and that’s alright, as he is evil! But, without  his input we couldn’t have won!  See above, re: Jesus, my son (who also got a shitty deal by the way!) So overall, all good wins at the end. So that is MY plan, and that’s all there is to this story. Do u get it Mia now?

Thanks God, I think I do, so we USE the bad guys to forward YOUR cause God? Or that u use them to forward your cause, and us too…??

GOD: BRAVO Mia, YES. But… there is a choice. And THAT IS JESUS WORTH ON EARTH. Now u can make choice according to ME and he helps right?

Mia: Ok …?? What do you mean God?

GOD: He gave u an option.

Mia: What option?

GOD: The option to follow HIM of course (u moron! What have I been teaching all these years! )

Mia: Oh, OK. I do get it..

GOD: U R a good ‘soldier’ so don’t worry (just a bit dumb… ok!)

~ by Mia H. Haavisto

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