Drugs and death among youngsters in our society??

A Letter From God Almighty in Heaven…

Hi Mia,

I hear your son’s gone now, but don’t despair…

I have a plan.

a) take a hike

b) take a class

c) go for a swim in the pool somewhere

d) go and meet your friends in the  jazz dance classes and

c) take a long drive in the Valley thinking about him and his…

Upstairs at Gods house where God sits on His throne, there is NO Death whatsoever, nobody dies and there are no meals either…only sunshine and only peace and love – But, what you need to do for your budding enterprise is this:

a) stop lying to each other as we are all so small…

b) stop keeping secrets from each other as they kill innocent people even…

c) stop harbouring drug dealers as they are dirty scoundrels who deserve their faith and…




In GODS HANDS I lay my little one

he was so small inside and cried alone…he was a gentle, kind personality without an aim in life…

I laid him to rest on a Thursday in May, we kissed his cold cheeks goodbye and cried…all my life I had waited for him to pass on, as I knew his faith was the one I seek too…to die alone but peacefully. To die alone but peacefully, to be all about Love and not about fear, to be a comfortable cradle for dying arms and legs, to be a smoking alarm set too late, to be a live testimonial for wrong choices and life spent waiting for love.


I want to LIVE my LIFE as meant to be

as lively and alive as God made me


do I lull myself to sleep

I go FIGHTING the injustices of this world rather than fade away lulling myself to a zone unknown.

Mia Haavisto



My Heart yearns for yours Mia, my heart yearns,

why to blame yourself, your son is in good hands now…

speak about dangers of self-destructive behaviours and why? We are still a community of strangers, let’s make Friends out of Enemies by hugging and kissing them goodbye and always staying in touch.


GOD Almighty Lord of The Universe Joshua i.e Jesus



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