Death and dying alone…

Loving God Almighty,

I have lost a soul so dear to me that I cry alone, all the time…a lot of the time I am home

and arrange my paperwork or jus stare…

most of the time I cry and lament on my faith alone…what shall I do?? I cry alone, what could I do to be so sad is heart breaking and very sad and so sad and and and…(sobs…)

God Says…

Aww Mia, are you so sad that your son is in heaven now?? Why not tell someone who isn’t there that they shouldn’t be arguing with you and telling you what to do next…why not just argue over nothing with nobody as you are…like this. “I should have gone there…! Aaarrgg…and replying “Yes you should you idiot!”, “You are a scum bag, why didn’t you know this in advance!!” and so on (this has been going on now for years I think, you self blaming instead of being married or someone “special” with somebody…who COULD actually tell you something, but nobody does! Why? Because there is NOTHING TO SAY you IDIOT! (Now I’m getting mad here in heaven so…so…SORRY) …I’m hoping you take this advice.

Go talk to someone, like your ex husband told you to do…: ( and do it soon! Take a hike like I said or go swimming…and tell people that you love it here where you are currently and tell people and “Yadi Yadi Yadaaa…” well said. Whatever. I say to you, IF you believe in me At All! You stop this shitting all over others and self and start saying to me “Your Will Has Been Done, he’s at peace and harmony with yourself and others and I am grieving as I miss his physicality and obviously his silly laughs and joking and being there, but that is just a natural thing to do!” This will elevate your joy as you see other kids playing outside and enjoying themselves somedays we cry, and somedays we are happy. Period. I am God and I do what I want, but I am ALWAYS RIGHT when I take someone as they completed their work here on earth. Completely. Nobody is alone and at this I mean, NOBODY ever is ALONE. I am always there with you so silly Mia, stop this ridiculousness and be happy that you are alive and well and have friendships too.

Alone – phew, what have I said for millions of times over and over, I never leave, I am always PRESENT, even in sorrow.



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