Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the land.

What does this mean God, why do meek inherit the land again, what sense does this make, and why is it here again? I don’t understand the thought behind this sentence, please try to explain to me..



Hi Hirado – here’s an explanation – if you need it as you are meek AND inherited the land by the way in form of a small parcel in Canada. But anyway –

I am GOD – The Almighty God and I do send angels around to test you mere mortals out at times. Your ex husband’s angel was you, as you didn’t need anything from him but he wasn’t giving his child his share.  That condemns him to a giver for all times to come. And you don’t need anything today even so I doom you to a recipient – for all times. That’s how it works.

Ciao,  Love – xoxo


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