Art that isn’t published isn’t art, it’s a start…

HI God,

I’m a nit picker by nature, and I like to just well..nitpick around all days, at times. And at other times I do a lot in one or two days, then I get tired. What am I really? A lazy person with spurts of energy OR a normal person with lazy spells?

I could be lazy or an ‘artist’ or what? Or is this type of industriousness that lasts 24/7 for three days and sleepless nights accompanying ‘normal’? What do you say, the Lord of the Universe?


Hi, I think you think too much,

do what you do and be fine with it. There is no must nor schedule for writing but there is one thing you don’t know yet about.

Published art is art. The writers who stay inside not sharing aren’t writing, they are ‘scribblers’ and they don’t artist labels carry well. They are shy and insecure so get outside of your comfort zone and send out some notes today even!

The art that isn’t art is just a start!

; )


God Almighty

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