God speaks about his work

I am sure you have something to say that I wan’t to hear,but can’t think the question for, let it roll God!


Hirado M., hurray! I have the floor finally,

Well, I wan’t to tell you something about Love. You need to feel joy at times, else you haven’t got anything in life. If you don’t elevate joy to the highest of desires, then why exist! If somebody asked you if you like to clean, what would you say? I know – NO, you don’t like to clean. If somebody asked you if you like to plan mortgages or loans, you’d say – Not likely and that’s all right, and if somebody asked you to clean and cook and you felt like dance classes, why don’t you say something! I am sick and tired of all those requests that keep pouring in sending me to the mad house sooner or later! And still all those thousands of people pray up to me, day in and day out! They say things like  ‘God, please send me cash!’ or…’God, can you arrange my living situation to a better one.’ or even…’God, let’s go and party, who should I call up?’. Hired, in this you have all these requests all day and night too, and I say to you -Hirado M. -you have to do something about these things. I am NOT a cookie cutter personal assistant type of God. I allow YOU to live your life as per what you like, I help when you ask, in relevant things such as…

a) where to live or what to do for living

b) who to be talking to and when about me especially and

c) what battle to choose and what not to choose or even

d) how to vacation and where (this is extra, not many receive this one but  you did and that was fun right) and almost all can receive this via you but they don’t ask so whatever…

e) why am I so tired and hell bent to work over time – two jobs etc. you ask and  that I can solve immediately (never save a lot but spend less) and..



My oh My I haven’t got it easy here in Heaven at all times



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