Hi, I was approached by a friend who asked me about pre-marital relationships, nearly all of them have sexual tones to them – ehem, well, you know what I mean. What do you feel God about pre-marital relationships?



Hi Mia,

again a relatively focused question. Did you mean if I allow sex before marriage? If so, well yes I allow it but I don’t recommend it.

When I allow something and didn’t recommend it, it’s in the 10 commandments. If it’s not allowed, I don’t do it, I mean – you don’t wan’t to do it. Like with you, you don’t swear right?

Well, that automatically drops off when it’s not allowed anymore but IF I allow it and don’t recommend it, it’s in the 10 big ones. And premarital, extra-marital and even post marital sex outside a sacred relationship that is blessed by myself, isn’t recommended. Why? It’s because of these complications. First, you aren’t alone in it. Thats right, not alone in it. And the other one suffers if there is any others or… if you aren’t able to commit and they want to, and also if they aren’t committing and you felt like it, and on and on it goes.

The second part is this: Auras join in intercourse. If you join auras with anyone you commit sin if not in a blessed communion with them. I’ll explain. Sin means dirt. If you commit sin, your auras film gets dirt on it, from theirs. If you for example are sad, evil, depressed, anxious etc. you pass it on, just like a sexually transmittable disease, to the other partner. Usually the weaker one receives as the stronger, and more capable one clears out their dirt on them. That is a big reason why not to commit adultery either, by the way. If you aren’t careful, the adulterous person transmits the other parties ‘sins’ i.e dirt, as a party who isn’t careful in their life style, into the committed ones auric field through a transmission of sexually oriented sins i.e dirty “molecules”, that in turn are soot in the auric field. That is not good at all. That causes depression, anger, degenerative habits such as sexual dysfunction and so on. List is long and wide too. All things relate to sins, and sins make you ‘dirty’, so to speak. If sins aren’t cleansed by repentance, yes, to Lord Jesus Christ, or another deity you choose, we clear nothing and the soot accumulates. Bad stuff. But in general the most dysfunctional of parties will off load a lot of dirt on to the cleaner one. It’s like osmosis.

But, the saddest party of all these involvements are those who get their parents entangled in these things. They suffer most. Children are innocent. No sins. No auric dirt accumulated. And if parents fight, divorce and are unfaithful or if they aren’t careful with their own situation at all, then children’s auric fields are damaged, broken or dirtied. And that is sad. Not to mention sexual abuse. Well, this is a large and vast topic.

If you engage in pre-marital sexual relationships, it’s hard to know the other parties commitment level.



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